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American Football Live WallpaperRequirements: Android version 2.1 or higher

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Details: You like watching American Football? If yes, this amazing live wallpaper will be a perfect choice for you since it is inspired by your favorite sport game. Pictures of balls and players floating in different backgrounds are now available as part of your phone screen. Throw the ball and enjoy your new live wallpaper!


  • Greatest LWP for Android!
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American football is an extremely competitive sport and it is immensely popular in the United States. It is widely popular for the physical roughness and the high level of strategies that are present in its game play. It is also one of the most brutal and violent sports played.

Today, American football (or NFL) is best known as the country’s national pastime. It has been seen that around 43% of the citizens prefer watching it, which is the highest rate over any other sports. If you love NFL you shouldn’t miss out on this animated wallpaper with a ton of choices.

The ball is an important component of a the game. But, you can’t use just any – strict rules govern its size, weight, and even brand. The pointed oval shaped ball is the specialty of the game where winning is determined on points scored by the players. It is used throughout the game either by carrying it while running or throwing it to the team mates. Points are scored using a number of ways such as carrying the ball to the line that is denoted as the goal line and by kicking the ball towards the goalpost.

Protective clothing is an essential feature of modern football, but this makes the players vulnerable to heat stroke. That’s why helmets are used – they protect the head and brain from trauma. There has also been a greater emphasis in training on strengthening the muscles of the neck and learning good tackling techniques.

National Football League Championship is a major event for all the lovers of American sports where it is regarded as an unofficial national holiday.


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American Football

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