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Collide Bubbles LWP for AndroidRequirements: Android version 2.1 or higher

Size: 2.8MB

Price: Free

Details: Bubbles have collision effects! Not simply fly from bottom to top!

Android Collisions Bubbles Live Wallpaper is a android version of the famous bubble screensaver in desktop computer.
Bubbles have collision effects!

Not simply fly from bottom to top!


  • Bubbles have collision effect.
  • Dynamic color animation.
  • You could drag the bubble.
  • 15 perfect default HD background.
  • You could set your own wallpaper as background imgae.
  • You could set the numbers of bubbles.


The new speed of bubble depends on the drag speed of your finger.
So if you want to speed up a bubble,move it fast and release it.
And if you want to stop a bubble,just click it.

Because the speed of a single bubble will affect the average speed ,so you could adjust the total speed by speed up a single bubble or stop a single bubble.

If you set your own picture as background image,you need wait about half minute when your restart your phone to show the background,because the phone system need to prepare the file system.

If you set you own picture as background image,please make sure your image file not be deleted,if deleted,the live wallpaper could not find your background image file.If this happen,just change a new picture.

To Use: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers-> Collide Bubbles Live Wallpaper

Download  Collide Bubbles Live Wallpaper for Android:

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Option 2: (for Android devices)

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Collide Bubbles

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