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Kinetic Lite

Control the laws of physics.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper is a lightweight physics engine as a wallpaper. Blocks slide and bounce around your homescreen based on how you set the laws of physics and your accelerometer input. The wallpaper comes with several presets which were all created using the customization options in the app, so everything can be changed. Physics can be tweaked to beyond unrealistic values: gravity, density, elasticity, friction, jitter, and more. You can set the color range of the blocks, the background, and even on certain phones, the system bar. Background colors cycle at whatever speed you want. You can use personalized images for the blocks, and set any image as your background. You can also disable collisions for a completely different type of effect which can range from resembling a liquid, to a flurry of snow depending on how you set your gravity and density. And when you’re satisfied with your setup, you can save it to the database as one of the preset options.

The app is also using my own physics library, the Kinetic Physics Library, that I will be releasing to other app developers for free. It will be available from my website ( in the near future once it has been made more portable, and dev friendly.


  •  Blocks (and other shapes in the future) slide and bounce around your homescreen based on accelerometer input and custom settings, including: gravity, density, elasticity, friction, and much more.
  •  Toggle collisions on to stack objects, or turn them off to allow for a massive amount of objects to flow around your screen.
  •  Set background and object images to anything you want.
  •  Save your custom settings to individual presets.

Settings include:


  • Fullscreen
  • Color Cycling
  • Background Color 1
  • Background Color 2
  • Color Cycle Speed
  • Rainbowize Color Range
  • Use Image in Background
  • Background Image
  • Background Image File
  • Background Image Scaling
  • System Bar Color


  • Block Color 1
  • Block Color 2
  • Block Image
  • Block Image Scaling
  • Block Image File
  • Additive Color Mode
  • Image Color Mod Intensity
  • Amount
  • Size


  • Enable Collisions
  • Gravity
  • Atmospheric Density
  • Block Density
  • Elasticity
  • Friction
  • Random Bounce Angle Sway
  • Jitter
  • Limit Speed
  • Max Speed


  • Max FPS


Requirements: Android version 2.2 or higher

To Use: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers->Kinetic Lite

Price: Free


Download Kinetic Lite Live Wallpaper

Please make sure your phone supports live wallpaper apps before you try to download them.


Download Link : (for Android)

Visit the live wallpaper page on  Google Play.

Kinetic Lite

 Android version 2.2 or higher
Download Link
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