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If you’re looking for Landscape inspiration, here it is! This amazing LWP application will take you to places you’ve never Landscape Live Wallpaperbeen before! Discover fantastic views appearing through the trees as you walk around the marked walking trails in woodlands. Feel inspired by the utterly spellbinding “beauty found in nature” all around us! “Discover the true nature” with this wonderful application for your smart phone!

The loveliest LWP for your mobile phone!

  • Keep tapping on the screen to have new motives appear on your screen!
  • Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
  • Very soon you’ll see that this animated background is your best choice!


  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Motion keeps changing with time.
  • You can choose from several different themes.
  • HD graphics and open GL.
  • Optimized Battery Usage.
  • Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.

The experience of traveling the world and seeing new and “wonderful places” with beautiful landscapes is indescribable and by taking a picture you hope you will get that sensation at home too, by looking at the photo. Imagine how it feels to be in these amazing places, if even the photos impress you this much. Downloading this fascinating Landscape Live Wallpaper you’ll get a great opportunity to feel like “in paradise on Earth” every day! The true natural beauty is just a look away-right on your Android phone!

William Shakespeare famously described Britain as ‘this sceptred isle’, a ‘precious stone set in the silver sea’. But even the great bard’s celebrated prose cannot possibly match the awe inspired by simply gazing upon the enchanted countryside of this ‘other Eden’. Take time to discover the natural wealth of West Europe- from the soft rolling hills of the South Downs to the forbidding mountains of the Scottish highlands, Britain is blessed with some of the most varied and “magical landscapes” in the world.

Perhaps you want to take a stroll at sunrise or catch a sunset in far away oceanic countries… Twilight as some say is the best time of the day. It’s when the sun sets below the horizon level, and beautiful colors are produced – right after a beautiful sunset. Let the nature inspire you, bring out the best in you!

Poets have long been inspired to tune their lyrics to the variations in landscape, the changes in season, and the natural phenomena around them. It was the tradition of natural poetry that William Wordsworth had in mind when he proposed that poetry ‘takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.’ This tranquil state might be most easily inspired if the poet would go out into nature, observe the world around him, and translate those emotions and observations into verse. Joy is out there just waiting to be discovered! With this wonderful set of photographs of green mountains, traditional gardens, ancient forests, hilly scenery covered with trees, flowery meadows, sheep grazing areas and lush groves you’ll have your breath taken away! A picturesque area blessed with rich nature.

Along with beautiful natural scenery and waterfall in every season, you can enjoy a hot spring spa, too! Even Hawaiian Waterfalls.

The app is free and ad supported. When you install it, you may get shortcut icons on your phone background, which are just shortcuts to free, sponsored apps. If you want, you can remove them anytime without affecting the app in any way.

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Requirements: Android version 2.1 or higher

To Use: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers->Landscape LWP

Price: Free


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 Android version 2.1 or higher
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