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Pink Live Wallpaper

To Use: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers->Pink LWP

Requirements: Android version 2.1 or higher

Price: Free

Details:Be pretty in Pink Live Wallpaper!! Let this beautiful Smart phone application boosts you with energy, passion and excitement! And many other things that Pink color represents! Let the romantic pictures make the happy atmosphere wherever you go. Now you can have lovely 3D pink roses or hearts drifting across your display and making you feel sensual. You’ll just adore your new animated “Pink Live Wallpaper” while you watch lovely blush motives drift gracefully as you navigate your home screen!

Wallpaper Info:

  • Greatest LWP for your mobile phone!
  • Keep tapping on the screen and new hearts will appear!
  • Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
  • Very soon you’ll see that this romantic animated background is your best choice!


  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Motion of heart keeps changing with time.
  • You can choose from several different hearts themes.
  • HD graphics and open GL.
  • Optimized Battery Usage.
  • Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.
  • The wallpaper will sleep when your phone does, so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery.

The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. This color puts people in touch with the nurturing side of themselves, through either the need to receive or the need to give, nurturing and tender loving care! Be aware of this if you have a friend who constantly wears roseate as it may indicate a need for acceptance, support and unconditional love!

Did you know that “Pink ribbon” is an internationally recognized symbol of hope and awareness in the fight against breast cancer? It is so because this lovely color signifies good health and prosperity. Blush color calms and reassures our emotional energies, alleviating feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment and neglect. Studies have confirmed that exposure to large amounts of pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and create physical weakness in people. Just imagine the tremendous impact of the flush atmosphere on your life! Everything will be rosy for you!! It’s not surprising that when giving or receiving flowers, “pink blossoms” are a favorite! Now you can have them on your phone every day! Download this amazing “girly Pink Live Wallpaper” and have beautiful “pink background” on your home screen. Feel energetic, silly and “girlish” every minute of your day!

Forget about your adult responsibilities and dive into the sweetness and innocence of the child in you! Remember the uncomplicated emotions, inexperience and “pink candies”? All pretty in pink, your phone will be saying “I love you” all the time!

In addition to that, “Luxurious Pink Diamond” lips will stimulate energy and increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate. They’ll encourage you to take action and feel confident!
What are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time and give your “Samsung smart phone” a brand new “luscious” look now!

The app is free and ad supported. When you install it, you may get shortcut icons on your phone background, which are just shortcuts to free, sponsored apps. If you want, you can remove them anytime without affecting the app in any way. You may also get certain notifications in your system tray about new free apps. But if you don’t want to receive them, you can chose to opt out at or you can do it directly from the app where it is available.


Download Pink Live Wallpaper for Android

Please confirm if your phone supports live wallpaper apps before you try to download any live wallpapers.


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 Android version 2.1 or higher
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