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Purrapy Fluffy Cat LWPBeautiful fluffy fur of different cats which looks very realistic and reacts to your touch. Try stroking this fluffy creature and it will react to you as if it’s actually alive and kicking! Be gentle though, you don’t want to scare this cute fluffy cat away…

Enjoy this beautiful relaxation app and Live wallpaper with realistic cat’s fur right on your Android phone or tablet that brings you an amazing feeling of touching a real cat. With support of MULTI-TOUCH Purrapy makes the experience even more fascinating. Now in English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian!


Do you love listening to cats purring? Then start stroking your cat and hear it happily purring under your soft touches. Lots of people (as well as psychologists) find purring sound to be incredibly relaxing! Try using headphones for even greater relaxation.

Like different colors? Then choose another cat from the list. Give your cat a name to make it really your own! Tired of stroking? Set a Purr-Timer for non-stop purring. Having trouble of falling asleep? Just turn the timer on and your kitty will make sure you sleep like a baby.

Set Purrapy as your Live wallpaper and enjoy your favorite cat right from your home screen!


  • 2 cats with unique fur color and voice
  • Name your cat to really make it your own
  • Live wallpaper with your favorite kitty
  • Try other cats for limited time


Requirements: Android version 2.2 or higher

To Use: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers->Purrapy Fluffy LWP

Price: Free


Download Purrapy Fluffy Live Wallpaper

Please make sure your phone supports live wallpaper apps before you try to download them.


Download Link : (for Android)

Visit the live wallpaper page on  Google Play.

Purrapy Fluffy

 Android version 2.2 or higher
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