Best Free Space Live Wallpapers

Google Play now features hundreds of space and astronomy related live wallpapers, but finding quality ones is always tricky business. We did all the hard work and have short-listed the top 5 best of all space and astronomy related live wallpapers we found on Google Play. These should look gorgeous, offer excellent performance and maintain decent battery life on phones and tablets. All the live wallpapers listed were tested on with a Sony Xperia Z1 (1080×1920). All these are actual screenshots from our test device. You can click on the images for higher quality screenshots (still down-scaled to 720p because otherwise they would be too large).


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5. Galactic Core Live Wallpaper

Galactic Core Live Wallpaper for Android

To start off the list, Galactic Core has been one of the oldest live wallpapers on Google Play and still seems to be one of the greatest. This app by Kittehface Software shows a perfect spiral galaxy like our own Milky Way and that too in 1080p HD quality. This app looks superb to this day and one which everyone should try out. Galactic Core on Google Play



4. Asteroids 3D Live Wallpaper

Asteroids 3D Free Live Wallpaper

A new contender for space live wallapers, Asteroids 3D has gathered a lot of reviews, and that too very quickly. The free version features a stunning scene with what seems to be an exploding start emitting great light with a lane and lots of asteroids all around. This will definitely make you go “Wow!” whenever you look at your screen. Experience this live wallpaper app for a glimpse of all the possibilities for an Android device. Asteroids 3D on Google Play



3. Ice Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Ice Galaxy Live Wallpaper

One of the first live wallpapers which I remember putting in my device, I still have this app to this day. The beauty of the icy and gaseous galaxy keeps me coming back after every few months. If you haven’t tried it already, try our’s Ice Galaxy Live Wallpaper. Link to Google Play



2. Galaxy Light Live Wallpaper

Galaxy Light LWP

This one features a beautiful spiral galaxy with a huge source of light. Looks brilliant on all phones and tablets, especially HD Android devices. Link to ‘Galaxy Light Live Wallpaper’ on Google Play



1. Real Space 3D Live Wallpaper

Real Space Free Live Wallpaper

Another one of Ruslan Sokolovsky’s creations ends up topping our charts. It’s clear that the developer put a lot of effort into this app and the end result is just wonderful! Extremely crisp 3D textures of everything from the satellites to meteorites. This one really looks surreal. If you are a space lover or into astronomy, you are going to love this live wallpaper! Link to ‘Real Space 3D free lwp’ on Google Play



Bonus: Black Hole Live Wallpaper

Black hole live wallpaper

A recent submission to Top Android Wallpapers, with literally tons of combinations. You can make the background just like you want it to look with settings like ripples, magnetic field, inversion, space planes and more. What do you think it is like inside a black hole?  Google Play Link

Top 5 Best Space Live Wallpapers

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