Top 5 HD Live Wallpaper Apps

We will now also be reviewing and listing awesome free live wallpapers of different categories. To start off, here are the top 5 best HD live wallpapers which we thought made our 1080x1920 screen (Sony Xperia Z1) look brilliant. Be aware that live wallpapers may be somewhat of an extra battery hog. The ones we used managed to maintain a decent battery life and were able use the phone for a whole day of normal usage with live wallpapers on.


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5. Potus 3012 Live Wallpaper


Take a long (and enjoyable!) trip into an oldskool wireframe terrain, with the retro feeling of the 80’s sci-fi movies. This is the actual description of the app on Google Play and it’s pretty spot on! This live wallpaper app will take you on a retro journey whenever you use your phone. Clear of advertisements, regular updates and major performance improvements in recent versions should definitely have you interested in this free app. Google Play Link.


Potus 3012 Live Wallpaper

4. Sun Rise Live Wallpaper

Brings the amazing scene of an African sun-rise directly to your homescreen. This one is not very interactive but it shines when it comes to beauty. We can guarantee, it will look awesome in HD. There are no advertisements whatsoever yet the app is still free. Get it on Google Play.

Sun Rise Live Wallpaper


3. Art Alive 3D Live Wallpaper

An amazing piece of art on its own, Art Alive 3D is a wonderful live wallpaper by Ruslan Sokolovsky. Sure to bring some peace in your life whenever you look at it during your busy days. Try it to believe it. Google Play Link

Art Alive 3D Free Live Wallpaper


2. Muzei Live Wallpaper

A simple live wallpaper app which lets you blur and dim a featured artistic painting of the day. You can also select from your own collection of images, which you can blur slightly to make the icons more legible. Great app for the wallpaper to retain quality. A must-have for HD screen device owners. Google Play Link

Muzei Live Wallpaper


1. Lantern Festival Live Wallpaper

Lantern Festival takes the number one spot because of the sheer beauty of the live wallpaper and the amount of work the developers put into it. It performs extremely brilliantly without any stuttering on most devices. On our test device, the Sony Xperia Z1, this background looked really nice. We also really loved the fact that all the icons were easily visible without any obstruction or overlapping of the background. Overall, a brilliant live wallpaper any HD (1080p) device owner should try out. Google Play Link

Lantern Festival Free Live Wallpaper

Top 5 HD Live Wallpapers

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