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Wolf Look Live Wallpaper

A wolf is the embodiment of nobility and courage and at the same time insidiousness and cruelty.

Bewitching wolf looks at you from phone screen. All of us grew on stories and fairy tales in which the Wolf appears, as wisdom or danger symbol. Ivan Tsarevich and a gray Wolf – wisdom and the help; werewolf, lycanthrope and any beowulf – a cunning, scary and dangerous example. We avoid the Wolf, the wolf look at the person speaks about that this person is dangerous.

Wolf Look LWP is perfectly supported by Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note.

Supported Languages:

  • english
  • русский
  • español
  • português
  • 中文 (Zhōngwén), 汉语, 漢語
  • italiano
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • हिन्दी, हिंदी


Requirements: Android version 2.1 or higher

To Use: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers->Wolf Look

Price: Free


Download Wolf Look Live Wallpaper for Android

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Download Link : (for Android)

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Wolf Look

 Android version 2.1 or higher
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